FMGC Recruitment and Training with the Personal Touch

In a world where personality often comes second to conformity, SmithCarey are proud to do things differently. Focused on setting new standards in FMCG Recruitment and Training, we believe in putting people first and treating them properly, doing what we say we are going to do and delivering outstanding levels of service.

Our directors are three of the best known professionals in FMCG Recruitment and Training - Mark Smith, Paul Carey and Colin Beaumont. 

Rachel Kasujja is our FMCG Recruitment Consultant.

They combine unrivalled experience, energy and enthusiasm. Our clients, some of the biggest names there are. And whilst others may think recruitment is now all to do with databases, and learning more about long distance than long-term development, we do not.

the-personal-touch-buttonFrom the respect with which we treat our clients to the time we spend with our candidates and the effort we put into understanding the real success factors behind each and every role, the personal touch runs through everything we do.

SmithCarey Grocer Recruitment Guide 2013

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