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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

Much of what we do at SmithCarey in training, sales coaching and upskilling you and your people, depends on our ability to embed the skills. The most fundamental link to embedding and ‘making training investment stick’ depends on how we upskill and engage our clients’ line managers, and how effective they are at coaching their people in the skills, tools, techniques and processes we have worked on. It is therefore going to be no surprise that investment in these key people i.e. the coaches and line management remains central to an organisations success, given that it will be the ability and skill levels of these leaders that will be the link to enhancing the capacity, competence, and skills of those they work with.

Research into ‘the six characteristics of world class sales coaches’ indicates that successful commercial leadership puts development of a ‘coaching culture’ as one of the fundamental success factors. Nothing is more important than how we as line managers listen, take in, reflect, question, and give feedback in the context of the coaching dialogue. With these critical skills as a backdrop to supporting what the best line managers and coaches do, we at SmithCarey Training have developed a programme and approach that helps upskill your new and experienced line managers and teams in what has become a declining art! Effective Coaching and line management

What will you learn?

Our programme approach takes line managers back to these basics and develops their ability to understand and adapt their approach with individuals and teams. You will learn:

  • The important role of the line manager
  • The different styles of coaching
  • Coaching V’s Counselling
  • Creating ownership through the 70:20:10 model
  • Links between coaching, activities and results
  • Types of coaching; performance / problem solving / career coaching
  • Challenging and understanding paradigms
  • Effective PDR and personal development
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Core models – GROW – DIN – Skill Will –


Talk to us about your needs so that we can help you build the right line manager skills and an effective sales coaching culture. Call us now for a confidential and personal touch conversation on 01488 649 360 or E mail– Transforming Commercial Capabilities.