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Effective FMCG Training and capability development is no longer a soft option, it is a key part of attracting, retaining and developing highly capable people and understanding that developing your people directly links to driving improved business performance.  At SmithCarey Training we offer personalised, client-specific commercial training and coaching programmes as well as open courses that help smaller teams and individuals fast track their commercial skill development.


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Our Approach

SmithCarey Training have a successful track record in developing and delivering ‘personalised client specific training and coaching programmes’ that deliver results and embedded skills and behaviour change. In addition, we recognise the need for fast track targeted skill development courses that form our Commercial Academy ‘Open course programme’, designed to help individuals develop their essential commercial skills.

Your personalised programme will be aligned to your business and capability strategy and could include:

○ Competency development and delivery
○ Full training needs review and prioritisation tools
○ Highly effective face to face and E-learning training delivered by our experts
○ Targeted coaching to support individual ‘fast track’ development and talent
○ Effective embedding of the skills and our SmithCarey toolkits

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Our Programmes

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Our client specific ‘Commercial Programmes’ are personalised to your needs and part of an overall long term programme.  Many of our core programmes such as Selling, Negotiation and Category are delivered in groups of 9 to 12 delegates.  We use real buyers to bring alive ‘both sides of the fence’ and your current business issues.  We embed ‘best in class’ tools, techniques and consistent language across our clients.  All our programmes begin and end with effective line manager engagement, a robust measurable review process and delegate individual personal development plans.

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Our ‘Open Courses’ train individuals or smaller groups through a range of one and two-day training programmes that businesses and individuals can select and book from our ‘SmithCarey Commercial Training Academy’.  The Academy provides specific modular building blocks to delivering commercial excellence.  Each module is designed to develop essential skills that form into a broader tool kit for the complete commercial professional.  Delivered in 1 and 2 day residential programmes based at top class training facilities, the Academy is ideal for individuals and small teams that do not require in-house training.

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if you want to take your development to the next level, come talk to our team.


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How do we target the right skills and capability levels?

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We use ‘3 key principles to help ensure we build a long term programme, refresh the core skills and stretch the people beyond their current capabilities – ‘Raise their bar’.  These are – Foundation, Activator and Xcellerate.

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This is the “Back to basics” set of training:

  • The essential ‘Commercial Skills and Principles’ that deliver
  • Developing or refreshing ‘Technical Competencies’ – setting the bar
  • Developing a joined-up ‘Capability strategy’


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Focus on upskilling your expertise:

  • Upskilling and strengthening – often forgotten commercial skills
  • Using live business challenges as part of the training
  • Road testing skills with live buyers and simulation


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Advancing the skillset:

  • Advanced commercial skills
  • Driving transformation through leading and coaching change
  • High performing teams and individuals


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As part of your programme we offer expert coaching follow up and support .We offer regular insights, tips and techniques via our training blogs and articles so please sign up to our LinkedIn profile.  Our ‘Commercial Sales Academy’ also offers further materials and personal development toolkits or simply give us a call if you have any specific requests


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As part of your programme you will receive a full end to end process that will ‘take the strain’ and handle the full logistics and communication of the programme.  From selecting the right venues and environment for learning, pre programme delegate communication and briefing, through to post programme feedback and support.


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It’s all about the personal touch. Our team are not just experienced trainers but deal with real live commercial issues ad can quickly and credibly engage your teams. We deliver programmes that align to the business strategy and stick!  We train ‘both sides of the fence’ using your live business case, challenges and issues.  We have leading edge online tools called ‘Mi Development’ that help embed the skills and link to E-learning.


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Our ‘Both sides of the fence’ approach brings buyers, sellers and legal compliance together to ensure we look at things through the other person’s eyes and from all perspectives.  Gives the delegates the opportunity to go ‘face to face’ in specific simulated situations with their buyer and allow constructive challenging adaption of new techniques and approaches in a low risk environment.


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Our Experts

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The team you meet led by your ‘Client Training Director’ will be the team that develops and delivers your programme. We recognise that no one person can stimulate and meet all the your needs, so depending on your needs, we will bring together our team of commercial experts and training specialists who will help you see things from ‘both sides of the fence’.  Our team of exerts include experienced buyers and commercial managers, brand and own label Sellers and Negotiators, Category and Shopper specialists, impact and soft skills experts, as well as our Competition and GSCOP lawyer.

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