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Profiling – Discovery

Profiling – Discovery

Our consultants are accredited practitioners for Discovery Personality Profiling -we can provide this established and powerful profiling tool supported by tailor-made, interactive workshops to meet client needs in the following areas;

  • Communication Effectiveness
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Sales Effectiveness

The Process

Discovery Profiling

  • To receive a profile individual’s, complete a 25 frame evaluator online and receive a
  • 20+ page individual profile that enables respondents to;
  • Increase self-awareness and understanding of others
  • Increase awareness of their personal style how they like to work, interact
  • and make decisions
  • Identify areas which may be difficult or challenging to them in approaching
  • colleagues and clients
  • Identify strategies for communicating more effectively and flexibly
  • Value and understand difference in colleagues

Understanding Self and Others with Discovery

  • A highly engaging and interactive session that provides the vital background to this powerful profiling tool and enables delegates to learn…
  • How perception is their reality
  • The impact of psychological preferences on communication style
  • Their colour energy mix
  • Sharing strengths & weaknesses
  • Sharing their communication needs and the needs of others
  • Understand why and how adapting communication style can improve relationships
  • Examining the team’s dynamics, strengths and weaknesses

Personalised programmes

Tailor made workshops designed to meet specific needs in communication, team or sales effectiveness

Communication Effectiveness

  • Learning how to use the Simply Connect Model © that facilitates….
  • Improved rapport and the depth of connection
  • Enhanced empathy and understanding
  • Development of reasoning
  • Enhanced inquisitive questioning techniques
  • Improved personal power and assertiveness


Team Effectiveness

  • To enhance empathy, mutual understanding and effective team – working by…
  • Examining the strengths in the Team
  • Understanding the Team Wheel and Team Dynamics ©
  • Understanding individual value to the team and how to add more value
  • Adapting and Connecting in the Team
  • Introducing the Team Effectiveness Model ©
  • Analysing processes and behaviours – per Colour Energy
  • Pinpointing improvements – utilising the innate strengths in team processes and
  • behaviours


Discovery for Sales Effectiveness

  • The 4 Colour Energies in Selling
  • Exploring the strengths and challenges of each Colour Energy
  • Over-using Colour Energies
  • Examining the impact of over-use of Colour Energies
  • Recognising Colour Energies in Action
  • Exploring clues from customers – body language, verbal style, interactions
  • Strategies for Colourful Customer Interactions
  • The six steps are shared showing how each step can be approached differently depending on the customer’s colour energy preferences
  • Participants draw on this information to define specific action steps they can take with specific customers
  • 6 Step Model of Selling
  • Reviewing strengths and challenges of each step of the selling model – supported by the Discovery Selling Chapter and Sales Preference Indicator ©

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