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Selling skills

Selling skills

Selling skills remain a key competency for any successful business and they are pivotal to creating value for the organisation and its partners.  Our successful and research based Commercial Selling programme (ComSell) will be tailored around your specific business and team needs, supported by a set of core modules, toolkit and structure that are best in class when it comes to challenging your customers current thinking and approach.  This approach will help you sell compelling value and true change with your customers against a back drop of mediocrity in many other suppliers when it comes to impressing your buyer!  Our clients will move from a traditional approach to a point where our customers truly see the value of your products and business and true fit to their Wants, Needs and Problems.  Challenging the customer in ways that truly differentiates you from your competition!

What will you learn?

You’ll learn what actually works, based on academic and practical research.  No gimmicks, no clever terminology  just practical skills.  You’ll learn how to put theory into practice with relevant role plays and case studies that get you applying and adopting as well as learning.  You will become confident in adopting a selling process that truly optimises your chances of success.  You will improve your face to face skills and advanced questioning skills giving you the ability to identify your customers’ problems and resolve these with them.  You will learn how to deal with difficult individuals and how to move past these challenges to create value.  You’ll learn in a structured yet natural way how best to challenge your customers’ thinking – ADDING VALUE through your products, ideas and concepts!

How will I learn?

We make sure all our courses are highly interactive and engaging.  We believe you learn whilst you’re having fun, but also recognise we all have different learning styles.  However, it’s face to face where this needs to hit the pulse and we will challenge you and your team regardless of your level or competency, using live business case issues and live buyers to road test your selling skills and approach and improve your behaviours and skills.

So if you want to stay ahead of the competition and truly start to build value with your customers, talk to us about your own or your team’s selling skills and approach so that we can shape a personalised programme that meets your needs. Let us help you create value for you and your business partners!  Call us now for a confidential and personal touch conversation on 01488 649 360 or Email – Transforming Commercial Capabilities


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