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Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills

In this fast moving commercial environment, the ability to maintain value and yet create collaborative negotiated agreements is getting harder. It is no surprise that many of our SmithCarey partners continue to work with us to help them create the right level of structure, skills, behaviours and approach when negotiating. Our successful and research based ‘Getting to Yes’ commercial negotiation programme is successfully helping teams build effective agreements despite what appears to be a win/lose environment and where value is being taken at the other parties’ expense.  Using live business case issues and often working on live negotiations with our client, we put these issues at the centre of the training programme in order that we can develop effective planning, face to face skills and behaviours that deliver.

What will you learn?

You’ll learn what actually works in effective negotiations based on both research and practical experience.  No gimmicks, no clever terminology just practical skills. You’ll learn how to put these insights into practice using live issues and case studies that get you negotiating as well as learning.  You will learn how to successfully plan and execute a negotiation to secure the greatest amount of value.  You will learn and profile behaviours that ensure you effectively negotiate face to face, over the phone, by email and in groups.  You will learn when and how to trade and create value despite feeling the power has shifted to the other side.  Above all you and your team will learn to ensure effective deals are done!

How will I learn?

We make sure all our programmes are highly interactive and engaging.  We believe you learn whilst you’re having fun and build your confidence, not making you feel bad so that we can then build you back up, but we also recognise we all have different learning styles.  So we start ahead of the programme and whilst training build in time for those who are more reflective as well.  However, it’s face to face where this needs to hit the pulse and we will challenge you and your team regardless of your level or competency, using live business case issues and live buyers to road test your skills and approach, and improve your behaviours and skills.  So if you want to make sure you are making good deals and creating maximum value for both parties in a collaborative way, talk to us about your own or your teams Negotiation skill levels and approach, so that we can shape a personalised programme that meets your needs. Call us now for a confidential and personal touch conversation on 01488 649 360 or Email– Transforming Commercial Capabilities



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    July 19, 2016