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Grocery Suppliers Code of Practice – 62% of suppliers faced issue in last 12 months?

Grocery Suppliers Code of Practice – 62% of suppliers faced issue in last 12 months?



The Grocery Suppliers Code of Practice was put in place to ensure large retailers treated their suppliers fairly and to frame what could reasonably be included in a robust commercial negotiation. After initial resistance and viewing the code as a threat, major supermarkets have embraced it and are using it to their advantage. Their buying teams, as part of the code have to be trained on an annual basis, with the aim of effectively ensuring their compliance whilst taking control from their suppliers and advancing their own commercial interests. In response, the majority of suppliers have a superficial understanding of the code, don’t appreciate that it is a developing framework and don’t recognise when they are handing over vital negotiating power to their customers.

The Grocery code compliance officer has stated that two thirds of companies haven’t had effective training in the Grocery Suppliers Code of Practice (GSCOP). 68% thought they would benefit from online training, and in order truly change behavior 42% of these thought they would benefit from face to face scenario training. Many are not clear on how their terms of supply can impact their rights under the code and don’t have the confidence to challenge unacceptable behavior, or even recognise it when they see it. Assessing a business’s knowledge of the code, having the correct policies and procedures in place and developing commercial teams confident in using the code effectively can be worth £000’s. Professional commercial training can help you take back control and add money straight to the bottom line.

SmithCarey Training deliver effective and practical 1 day GSCOP training specific and personalised  to clients across FMCG industry.Helping build knowledge, skills and effective behaviors that ensure your people can deal with well trained buying teams in both day to day and bigger negotiation situations. Using live scenarios,heavyweight buyers and commercial trainers who have faced into live commercial issues, the team help bring alive challenging situations.The 1 day programme tests, trains and engages the teams through specific scenarios to deal with difficult questions, as well as coach how to effectively push back and build value in live negotiations. SmithCarey focus on helping support effective behaviors and ensuring effective commercial discussions are not being held back through use of the GSCOP by well trained savvy buyers!